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10 Social Media Ideas to Highlight Company Culture

10 Social Media Ideas to Highlight Company Culture Image

Many businesses focus their social media marketing strategy on promoting their products or services to drive sales. But posting content around the people, working environment, and organizational culture behind the business has its benefits, too. Learn how building a strong company culture and incorporating that into your social media content ideas can keep current employees engaged, attract new talent, and generate awareness for your business. 

It can also draw in more potential clients. Customers today are more likely to do business with brands that align with their personal and social values. By highlighting your company culture, you will attract like-minded people who want to do business with you. 

What Is Company Culture?

Company culture encompasses the shared values, attitudes, behaviors, and standards of a workplace. It is the combined experience of the people who work for that company and how the organization fosters a positive working environment for its staff.

When employees’ needs and goals align with their company’s culture, they likely will enjoy working every day and perform at their best.

When a business can build a strong company culture, it is a win for all. 

Why Is It Important to Have a Strong Company Culture?

An outstanding work culture is what keeps employees engaged and productive. It also gives employees a vested interest in the success of the company. It boosts morale and improves employee retention. 

When staff members feel appreciated and valued, they are more likely to provide a positive client experience and top-notch customer service. This can lead to increased revenue and profits.

Plus, when employees feel that the company’s mission aligns with their personal and social values, employee satisfaction and retention tend to follow. 

Now that you know what company culture is and how it can drive a business’s success, here are some social media ideas for spreading the word about your work culture to your target audience using live videos, blog posts, Instagram Reels, and more. 

10 Social Media Ideas for Promoting Company Culture

Here are 10 social media content ideas for highlighting the working environment and organizational culture.

1. Celebrate staff achievements.

Acknowledging the contributions and achievements of your employees never gets old, so give your people a shout-out as often as possible. Highlight individual staff members when they land a new client, get a positive review, are promoted to a new position, close a big deal, or have another notable success.

Employees want to feel appreciated for their hard work, and giving them the spotlight on social media speaks this message loud and clear. To others, it shows that your company gladly gives kudos when they’re due and appreciates its people as much as its profits.

It also shows the depth and experience of your team. Passing recognition to your team members will help clients feel comfortable working with them when you’re not there. 

When employees feel appreciated, they will want to share these posts on their own social media with family and friends, and that spreads the word about your wonderful work culture even further. 

2. Hear staff speak on what they love about their jobs.

Create a video series or campaign focused on company culture. This is an opportunity for employees to say what excites them most about their jobs or what they most love about working for your company. Seeing and hearing each staff member say it on camera is social proof that your business provides a positive working culture.

This is not only a great way to showcase company culture on social media, but also internally for the business. These videos show what your team members truly value.

3. Leverage the company’s leadership team.

Content on corporate culture should not always come from the CEO. Let the rest of your leadership shine by sharing their voices as well. They can help bring the work culture to life through live videos and other engaging content they post on social media. 

When company leaders post often, they build a connection with their target audience, who will find them relatable and likable. People like to do business with people they like, and they also like to work for people they like.  

This is another way to show your company culture, and it can attract prospective customers. 

4. Post pics of your people performing.

Creating a company-wide hashtag where employees are encouraged to post pictures of themselves at work and in action is a great user-generated content strategy. This is content you can reshare or post directly to the company’s social media pages.

When team members post selfies that show them smiling and looking happy while working, it gives the impression that they really like their jobs. This is certainly an effective way to promote a positive work culture and attract new talent and customers. 

5. Consistently share the company’s core values.

A Harris Poll found that 82% of consumers want a brand’s values to align with their own, and more conversations are taking place about things like equity and sustainability than ever before. A company’s culture is rooted in its core values. Does your business value sustainability, equality, innovation, respect, integrity, transparency, or something else? 

Whatever your company’s core values are, make sure your social media content communicates that clearly and consistently and ties your values back to client experience.  

6. Post proudly about accolades and other success stories.

Does your company actively apply for industry awards for your business, executives, and team members? 

Show off all the awards and industry recognitions that the company receives, no matter how big or small they may be. All accolades and success stories should be showcased on social media,  both from the company and the individual team member.

Sharing the company’s successes can be impactful for improving morale and attracting new customers and prospective employees. Who wouldn’t want to work for or do business with a company that receives recognition for its work? 

7. Have a mission that is more than just making money.

Whether your company’s mission is regularly volunteering with a local organization, sponsoring a youth sports team, or donating proceeds to a charity, make that mission known through your social media content.

Maybe you do quarterly fundraising efforts, monthly donations, or proceeds from the sale of products. Share pictures, do live videos, and create other posts showcasing these efforts. 

It could be a video of your team volunteering, a picture of your employee carrying out the company mission, or an end-of-the-year activity. Whatever you choose, make sure you gather content to accompany these good deeds. 

8. Encourage employees to create their own content.

Populate your social media posts with content created by your employees. You can also have your employees create customer-facing videos that are educational and informative. This helps to bring company culture to the forefront and will make your staff feel special.

Giving their content center stage on the company’s social media channels is an effective marketing strategy for showing how wonderful the work culture truly is.

9. Create team member challenges.

Initiating a company-wide competition or challenge is a great way to enhance company culture. These challenges can be related to professional achievements, like hitting a sales goal or securing a certain amount of new business. Or they can be personal, like achieving a fitness goal or volunteering for a specified number of hours each month.

Whatever the challenge is, employees will be excited to participate, and it makes great content to post about on social media while also promoting your strong company culture. Your employees, especially the winners, will likely post about it on their social media as well.

10. Share customer reviews while giving credit back to staff.

Customer reviews and testimonials are great for business, but do you know what’s even better? Giving social media credit back to the team members who are the real reason why a customer left a glowing 5-star review.

Using customer feedback as an opportunity to give recognition to employees where it is due will do wonders for promoting an incredible work culture. A company that appreciates its team members is appealing to customers, too.

Need More Help with Social Media Ideas?

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