Facebook Audience Optimization: Engage Your Followers

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Every piece of content you post is important – it took time and effort and will be enjoyed by a certain group of people. The ability to match the right content with the right audience is a surefire way to get the most engagement on your posts. Thankfully, Facebook has an “audience optimization” tool designed for just that.
Check out the top three (connected) reasons to use audience optimization on Facebook:
People who are most likely to be interested in the post will see it first.Therefore, the optimization increases engagement.Additionally, you have the option to try A/B testing with various interests to get a clear view of exactly who wants to ready your posts.
Are you ready to try out Facebook’s Audience Optimization tool? Here’s how you enable it and set your preferences…


Hit save after choosing your preferred audience and audience restrictions — and voila!
The ability to center in on your unique audience is crucial to attracting a “qualified” audience. You need to make sure you’re marketing to the right people, so as not to waste your time or theirs. Setting aside a few moments to determine your audience’s demographics and interests will ensure that you’re posts are seen by people who want to see them.
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