How to Create a Reusable Content Strategy

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Content marketing is more important now than EVER!

Last week we shared the benefits to having a reusable content strategy and this week I’m showing you how to do it.

As small business owners we’re always pressed for time and often creating content on the go. I’m the first to admit, I do this often. The problem with ‘winging’ it is that we often forget the end goal. We create content that comes to us in the moment and it’s not always in alignment with the big picture we have for our business.

Planning ahead is a crucial part to experiencing success with your content strategy. As painful as it may seem, taking time to plan 3, 6, 9, even 12 months of content is absolutely worth it and will make your life so much easier. Watch the video above to learn more about how we plan content with our clients at Real Marketing Solutions.

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