YouTube Algorithm: Watch Time & Watch Sessions

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In this weeks digital marketing tip, Sarah Frink, CEO and founder of Real Marketing Solutions, shares about the Youtube Algorithm and how video watch time and watch sessions impact how your videos show up in Youtube.

While you might think that video popularity impacts your visibility on YouTube, what YouTube finds most important is video watch time and video watch sessions.

Watch Time: the length of time viewers consume your video content. If you have a 10 minute video and viewers are only consuming 30-45 seconds on average before leaving, chances are, your video isn’t ranking high in the YouTube Algorithm.

Watch Sessions: watch sessions are an important part of the YouTube Algorithm because this measures how long people are staying on the platform. YouTube loves when people engage in video after video in the same watch session which means YouTube loves video content that leads viewers to another video and a longer watch session. Watch the video below for more details!

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