How To Create Pinterest Graphics: Dimensions

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Creating a Pinterest graphic is not as hard as one might think, especially when you know what size graphic you need or have the help of an online design platform, like In reality, yes, you can post graphics with non-specific dimensions on Pinterest (they have a limit on width but not length). However, using correctly-sized Pinterest graphics will help ensure that you are maximizing your referral traffic to your site from Pinterest.

Profile Images
Pinterest profile images measure 165 X 165 pixels, but it is recommended that you upload a photo with square dimensions that measure 600 X 600 pixels for better image quality. Pinterest will automatically resize your image to fit. Reminder: The image will get cut into the shape of a circle. Keep that in mind and try to center yourself or your logo in the photo.
Example of a profile image on the right.

For a Pinterest “pin” graphic, Pinterest recommends using any image aspect ratio of 2:3, but also recommends 600 X 900 pixels. If you are using canva, the image dimensions will be 735 X 1102 pixels (a 2:3 ratio). Keep in mind that on a board and on the main page, the image will appear as 238 pixels (height scaled) and expanded pins, which appear when you click on a pin, expand to a width of 735 pixels (height scaled).
For an example of a pin graphic, see image to the left.

With the newly updated board display format, special sizes are not necessary because Pinterest has chosen to just display your recent pins within that “cover image” space.
See the image to the right to see the updated look of Pinterest boards.
Images on Websites
This is important if you have a website, in which you would like your clients and potential clients to be able to Pin images from onto Pinterest. If this relates to you, make sure that the images on your website are at least 100 X 200 pixels, or else they will not be “pinable”.
For creating Pinterest graphics, Real Marketing Solutions recommends using Canva (Link: Canva is a quick and easy way to create graphics for social media platforms. The dimensions for Pinterest pin graphics are already there for you, but you can easily insert your own dimensions for the other Pinterest graphics we discussed. It has templates and dimensions already set up for you to modify and make your own!
Dimensions provided by Author Media, Pinterest, and Canva.
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