Facebook Live: How To Hire a Social Media Manager

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We did something different! In a Facebook Live video, Sarah Frink discussed this week’s digital marketing tip of how to hire a social media manager.

To ensure success in filling this position with THE RIGHT CANDIDATE you need to get prepared and set proper expectations before you start the interview procession. It’s important to remember, like any position you hire for, social media managers are not unicorns or mind readers.

Establish your goals for hiring a social media manager. Is your goal to have content posted daily for awareness? To grow your email list? Increase listenership on your podcast? Each goal will require a different set of actions and strategy. Being able to communicate your goals and desired outcome will help you in the interview process.

Document your brand standards. This is more than just fonts, colors and logos. If you have specific requests for your brand like when to use a horizontal logo versus a stacked logo, opacity of a logo, when to use the color logo verse black and white, you need to document these standards and review them with your social media manager.

Provide examples and inspiration of what you want your brand to look like online. If your target market is 36-55 year old men and women, looking to building and online business and create passive income, then your content strategy should speak to that audience and a good social media manager would make content to attract that audience. If your vision is something different, like a young woman holding a banner with bright colors in the background, you need to communicate that.

Be prepared to invest time in to the processes, especially in the beginning. On-boarding a social media manager is no different then on-boarding an employee or new team member. In the first month, schedule weekly check-ins and time to review content and provide feedback. Your social media manager is creating the voice of your business online, it’s worth the investment in time to make sure they get it right.

Understand the role that you hiring for. There is a difference between a social media manager and Facebook Ad Strategist. Some social media managers can create and run and ads on various platforms, others cannot. Make sure you understand your needs and ask these questions in the interview process.

You get what you pay for. Chances are, you are not going to get an expert Facebook Ad Strategist on a $350 budget. You need to be realistic.

Watch the full video below for additional recommendations on how to get prepared to hire and how to interview for a Social Media Manger.


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