How to Create Pinterest Graphics: Attracting Pinterest Users

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Last week’s digital marketing tip discussed graphic sizes for Pinterest but the correct size is not ALL you need to attract new followers! It goes without saying (but we’ll tell you anyways) that if your image is not visually appealing or eye-catching, it will likely not be shared, or in this case, “repinned”. Using exciting images and well-designed graphics can make a huge difference in engagement on all platforms.

To the right are two examples of well-designed Pinterest graphics that are bound to catch the eyes of Pinterest Users.

Here is a short checklist for maximizing your pin graphics and drawing Pinterest users in with your visuals.

Checklist for Pinterest Pin Graphics

  1. Stay on Brand so users can recognize your posts with a glance

  2. Be Creative

  3. Make sure font size is large enough to read

  4. Use images that relate closely to your pin topic

Here’s another trick, if you have a pin with great copy but it doesn’t’ seem to be getting great traffic, try changing the graphic and reposting! Sometimes that’s all it takes!

If creating graphics is not your forte, click here to schedule a Complimentary Consultation with Real Marketing Solutions today!

More examples of good graphics from Canva are below!

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