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Video. It’s the #digitalmarketingtrend of 2018 yet it’s one of the hardest pieces of content to create.  So how do you get started with #video if you’re a newbie?

In this week’s #digitalmarketingtip we’re sharing tips on how to create great videos!

  • Craft a message, decide what you want to speak on and know your point of view. This will make the recording process much easier. There’s nothing worse than needing to record video, but not having a plan.
  • If you’ve never done a pre-recorded video, start there. Don’t start out with your first video being a FB LIVE or Instagram LIVE. Get comfortable in front of the camera before you try your first LIVE video.
  • Create video for the platform you are using. Facebook loves horizontal video, Instagram loves vertical. Instagram has shorter video lengths in the feed but allows for longer videos on #IGTV. Know your platform and create videos that fit for that platform.
  • Get a good stand for recording. We love this stand because it supports phones and cameras and allows for vertical video recording!

video recording stand

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For product shots and flat-lays we recommend this stand:

video recording stand

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  • Lighting. Find a good natural light source and be good to it because it will be your best friend! Natural light is hands down the best light for recording. My secret; find a window and sit in front of it when you’re recording. Your face will glow like you just won the lottery. If natural light is not readily available (Seattle residents), get a good lighting kit!

video lighting kit

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  • Mic up! Below are our favorite microphones for phone and desktop that will drastically increase the quality of your videos!!

microphone for video recording

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microphone for iphone

Lapel Mic for phone recording


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