Myers Briggs & Social Media: Thinkers

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Myers Briggs & Social Media: Thinkers
Have you heard the saying “Done is better than Perfect?” My favorite saying is, “Perfection is Paralyzing,” and over the years, I’ve coached several business owners on letting go of #perfection when it comes to their #socialmedia because it was literally stopping them from making any forward movement in their business.
Here’s an example of the #perfectionism that I’m referring to, “I’m going to have all of my videos professionally shot and edited and then I will be able to start using them on Facebook.”
Ummmmhmm. That is likely going to take months and lots of $$$ to make that happen.
In this video tip, I’m sharing about Myers Briggs and Thinkers and how perfection can be paralyzing for Thinkers, Perceivers & Sensing types.
Check out the full video below for details.

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