How to Create Your Visibility Strategy for 2019!

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What’s your visibilty strategy for 2019?

Not sure, check out the video below for this week’s digital marketing tip on the key components to a great strategy for 2019.

Here is a glimpse at part of my 2019 Visibility Strategy:
Social Media:
✔️3-5 posts per week
✔️4 videos per month in new engaging format (this part is a secret)
✔️Weekly story updates on Facebook & Instagram-3 x per week at a minimum
✔️Facebook Live Show- Getting Social with Sarah 1 x per month
✔️Ads for opt-ins, freebies and webinars
👩‍🏫Speaking: 8 speaking engagements with a strong focus on speaking
engagements outside the Seattle area.
📧Email Marketing: 2 emails per month to list with information on
leveraging social media and digital marketing in various ways on
different platforms, DIY programs, service offerings, upcoming events,
workshops and more.
✔️Networking: 2 events per quarter with networking groups of ideal clients.
👯Referral Partners: 1 face-to-face per month with my top 5 referrals partners.
🎤Guest spots/collaboratives: 5 guest spots– blogging, Facebook or
Instagram takeovers, Facebook live interviews, podcast interviews,
joint workshops.
🎫Events: Attend 3 new events outside of my network for business and
personal development.
Now that you’ve created your visibility strategy, you can start
building out your marketing plan for #2019! Stay tuned next week for
tips on marketing plans.
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