Digital Marketing Trends for 2019: Optimize Content for Digital Assistants

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Have you used Siri, Alexa or Cortana recently? More than likely, you have, and so are your potential customers. Digital Assistants are a booming trend, and they are responding for a higher number of search queries this year than ever before. Consumers are now not only asking these assistants about the weather, they’re also asking where the nearest coffee shop is, how late it’s open and what types of coffee they serve.

Take advantage of these queries by creating questions as the titles and subtitles for your blog and website. This will help the assistants locate your content as a solution to vocal queries.

Summing It Up

If you’ve found that your business is behind on any of the trends in our Digital Marketing article series – no worries! Just stay up-to-date about what’s hot and gradually replace what’s not in your current strategy, and you’ll be at the top of your game in no time!

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