Storytelling – Developing Authenticity

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Create a connection with your customers using S T O R I E S in your social media! ?

You might be asking yourself, “what constitutes a good story on social media? One of the easiest ways to tell a story is from the eyes of your clients and customers. Client testimonials are a POWERFUL TOOL and should not be underestimated. A video testimonial is always ideal but videos can be a lot of work to gather and not everyone feels comfortable on camera. One of the easiest ways to get a client testimonial is to listen to what people say when they rave about your product/services and ask them if you can use that verbiage as a testimonial for your business. Add a headshot of your client or an in-action photo of your client and you are in business! Always make sure to tag their personal or business profile on social media as well!

Keith Oatley, an emeritus professor of cognitive psychology at the University of Toronto and published author has found that reading produces an experience for the brain that is similar to real life, an experience that, “Runs on minds of readers just as computer simulations run on computers.”

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