How to Stand Out on Social Media

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The ONLY way to stand out online in a sea of other businesses is to CHANGE IT UP! If you are tired of mediocre results with your social media, it’s time to TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Below are 5 techniques that will increase your impact and influence on social media.

✔️Be BOLD. Don’t be afraid to share about your business!
✔️Become a storyteller. How did you get started in your business? What is the most difficult part of being a business owner? What keeps you inspired?
✔️Use video. It can be scary, I know. Again: Be BOLD! Video helps your audience feel like they know the real you.
✔️Invest in a personal branding photo shoot. You want your business to look and feel professional.
✔️Use Facebook and Instagram stories. Be authentic! When used correctly, stories will build trust with your audience.

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