Tip #2: Creating Content that Converts

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We know you want to be putting out content that converts each week, but sometimes, you just run out of ideas. We get it! We’re bringing you easy and actionable tips to help inspire you to become a SUPERSTAR at creating content.

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TIP #2: Get real with people.

Those that want to keep their private life private but are running a business are doing a disservice to their business by not getting personal when they create content.

Why? Because as marketers, we know that people do business with people they KNOW, LIKE and TRUST and that extends to business conducted online.

Are you a mom or dad, a coach or mentor, involved in the community, work for nonprofits, etc? Whatever your “thing” OUTSIDE of work is, try integrating it into your business as part of the cause. Give people an inside look at who you are as a person, not just a business. Likely, this will be why they want to do business with YOU.

As for me, aside from the work that I do here, my other roles include: wife, bonus mom, dog mom, adrenaline junkie, adventurer, hiker chick, travel enthusiast and amateur gardener.

P.S. And let me tell you, the content that converts the best is the content that showcases WHO WE ARE not what we sell.

Stay tuned next week for Tip #3!

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