2020 Social Media Trends

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Are you dying to know the top 2020 Social Media trends? Well, you’re in luck! Today we are sharing two trends you’re going to want to consider in your social media strategy in the New Year and next week we’ll be back with two more!

In this video, you’ll learn why more marketers are diversifying their organic social media efforts across more platforms for the first time in over a decade! Last year we saw a huge decline in Facebook organic traffic which has continued to be the theme for Facebook over the last three years. Instead of hoping things will change, it’s time to diversify efforts as other platforms continue to gain momentum. Please note, we said organic efforts, the paid advertising platform on Facebook is still going strong!

The second social media trend we will likely see more of in 2020 is the rise of the social CEO. More leaders from large companies showing up front and center in your feed! But why… and how does that impact small business? Watch the full video to learn more, and if you need help with your digital marketing plan for 2020, feel free to connect with us here to schedule a complimentary consultation today.

We’ll be back next week to share two more 2020 social media trends for your business and while you’re waiting, catch up on all of our digital marketing tips by clicking here.

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