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Clickable links in Facebook stories, yes please! Facebook officially brought clickable links to Facebook business stories last year (in testing since 2018), but there’s a caveat. The links available are specific to your website, phone number, location, Facebook store, calendar link and other options available from your page template.

What we are waiting patiently for, is a CUSTOM clickable link option and we think 2020 is the year this is going to happen. As it stands, below are the clickable link options based on the information provided in your business about section:

-Learn more
-Call now
-Shop now
-Get directions
-Book now -Page offers -Page event -Job postings

clickable links in facebook stories

While your waiting for custom clickable links, we may have found a workaround for you! The website url for the ‘learn more’ button is tied to the website address you’ve provided in the “about” section of your Facebook business page. If you are promoting a workshop or freebie, all you have to do is swap out that URL to the link you want to direct people to and voila…you’ve effectively beaten the Facebook system (doesn’t happen often so celebrate!)

Clickable links on Facebook

And that’s not all, for more tips on Facebook for business, click here to read our most recent article on the platform! If you need help with your social media strategy for 2020, we’d love to chat. Click here to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation!

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