Support Small Business during COVID-19 #SharingisCaringChallenge

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Today I’m are sharing two ways we can all support small business during this time as we navigate COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders. And did I mention that these are two solutions that don’t cost a thing?

  • First, make sure to follow your favorite small businesses on social media. It’s simple, sit down, write out a list of businesses you love and want to support during this time and go on social and follow them.
  • The second step is to SHARE their messaging about how they are doing business right now and serving their customers. This is especially important for brick and mortar businesses that are no longer able to serve foot traffic.

There are more people on social media right now than ever and this is a true statement. In fact, there are so many people from around the globe using the platforms, each platform is seeing its fair share of challenges trying to keep up with the massive influx of users being online at the same time. While you might be seeing more engagement on your personal feed, small businesses are losing out on the feed unless they are spending ad dollars to advertise.

When you share a small business’s post to your personal profile, you’re exposing your entire following to their message and in full transparency, this could be the difference between them doing business in a day or not! So let’s all do what we can and take part in the #ShareisCaringChallenge to help support small business during this unprecedented time.

If you’re a small business looking for some tips and opportunities on social media, make sure to watch my most recent Facebook live, click here to head over the Facebook and check it out! To read more of our social media and digital marketing tips for business, click here to browse our blog!

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