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2021 Digital Marketing Trends You Need to Know

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As we transition into the new year, it’s time to evaluate 2021 small business digital marketing trends that are going to be big. Small businesses can be overlooked simply because they lack strong digital marketing techniques. So, here are some new ideas to think about as you adjust your plans, set new goals, and accomplish even more next year!

Tip 1: Add More Interactive Content to Your Website

What do we mean by interactive content? Great question. Interactive content is content users actively engage with rather than passively consume, like calculators, quizzes, and videos.

And the good news is…there are SO many third-party apps out there that provide interactive content you can integrate into your website to engage and attract more prospects and leads.

By using social media, you can drive people to this content on your website, and if done correctly, you can capture their info for further follow-up and nurturing—that’s right, you just created a lead 😉.

Tip 2: Leveraging Google to Let Your Customers Know You’re Open

Keeping your Google My Business profile up to date IS A MUST. And if you don’t have a Google My Business profile, especially as a brick-and-mortar, it’s time to set one up.

With openings and closures due to government restrictions on small businesses, more people are turning to Google to see if you are open before they make the trip to your establishment. Whether you are open or closed, make sure to keep your listing updated.

NOTE: Restaurants should also make sure they’ve correctly flagged their business as open for dine-in, take-out, or delivery. If people show up for dine-in and you’re not open, this is one way to lose a customer.

Consumers want to support small businesses, but it’s important we make it easy for them to do so.

Tip 3: Old School Marketing Comeback

Many marketing experts are predicting “old school” ways of marketing making a comeback. I’m not entirely sure how I feel about this prediction, but there is one old school marketing strategy that we agree more consumers want: VOICE INTERACTION. People are looking for conversation, connection, and communication with the people who they are doing business with.

Rule #1: Pick up your phone. The good ol’ fashion days of having a phone conversation ARE making a comeback. Offer to do video conference meetings as a way for people to connect with you on a more intimate level—like if they were coming to your office.

Another idea is to send personalized video messages to prospects and clients when you cannot connect for a call, or to answer a quick question.

When I am working on a project with a client and we are in between calls, instead of sending an email they will never be able to fully understand with 10,000 bullet points, I like to send them a short video or screen share showing them what we’ve accomplished, posing questions that we need answers to, and/or giving answers to their questions.

The power of voice interaction will be big in 2021.

Tip 4: Feel-Good Content

People are searching for happiness and something to put a smile on their faces, and that won’t be changing anytime soon.

Nothing melts our hearts more than puppies and babies, and when we see them together, suddenly all is right in the world.

More puppies, more babies, and more memorable moments will help businesses stay connected with their followers, subscribers, prospects, and clients in a way that feels good and not pushy, sales-y, or totally business-focused.

Remember to focus on the consumer, not your business. No one cares about your business, but they do care about the problem you solve and how it makes them feel.

Tip 5: Dedicate More to Social Media + Diversify Your Platforms

One (and maybe the only) benefit of a global pandemic for small businesses is that more people are online now more than ever. This is anticipated to continue through the first half, if not all, of 2021. With more people online at home throughout the day, there are plenty of good opportunities to reach people online.

However, with all of the noise that 2020 has created, you may not be feeling hopeful that your go-to social media platforms (Facebook and Insta) are a good fit for your business.

Here are a couple of things you may want to plan for in the new year:

  • Diversify where you show up
  • Vary your posting dates and times
  • Increase posting
  • Add in more personalized content
  • Set aside a monthly ad budget for your main platforms
  • Explore new opportunities

If you are considering implementing some of these 2021 small business digital marketing trends into your company, RMS is here to help! We offer a 30-minute complimentary consultation with our team where we can discuss the best digital marketing strategies for you and your business. To book your 30-minute session, click here. To catch up on our recent blog posts, click here.

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