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2024 Digital Marketing Trends for Businesses

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Every business should be creating a digital marketing plan that’s backed by effective digital marketing strategies. If you’re planning to review and refresh your digital marketing plan for the new year, we’ve got the top trends to pay attention to.

In this article, we are covering some of the top 2024 digital marketing trends—from elevating your customer experience with AI to marketing to Gen Z. These are strategies that we believe service-based businesses and marketers need to be implementing in the new year.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) made a significant impact in the digital marketing landscape in 2023. Not surprisingly, even more change is expected in 2024. From ChatGPT to Surfer SEO, along with other AI content generators, we should expect to see more AI marketing tools dropping in 2024.

AI-powered chatbots

Ease of user experience is key to a happy customer. Your customers want quick and effective conversations and access to your brand on all platforms. And each social media platform has a direct message function or messaging app, which allows you to communicate directly with the customer on their platform of choice. (As one example, Facebook Messenger is a great way for customers to connect with you.)

Customers reaching out to you on social media or your web page want help that’s specific to their needs, and they want it immediately. In fact, quick response times are a vital part of today’s customer experience on all channels. That’s why you should build speed of response into your overall customer service and digital marketing strategies.

If you’re too busy to dedicate the time to responding to customers quickly, then AI can help. You can personalize and automate the interactions on your website and social media direct messaging apps. Many businesses are now using AI-powered chatbots to enhance customer service by providing personalized experiences and real-time support.

When you add this function to your Facebook page or business website, the chatbot will be triggered when someone visits your page. It can answer frequently asked questions and also gather information about the customer. By automating the response process for leads through chatbots and conversation marketing, you can create real-time feedback and solutions for your customers looking to engage with your company.

Personalization connects with the customer

One thing we know is true is that customers want to feel like you’re speaking to them, not to the masses. When a customer has choices, a personalized experience will almost always be the winner! In fact, one study shows that 80% of consumers said they’d be more likely to do business with a brand that provides a personalized experience.

So how might you be able to cater to individual needs? With AI technology, personalization is accessible and available on almost every marketing channel. 

It can be as simple as personalizing your text campaigns and email marketing to use the customer’s first name in the subject line. Other ideas to consider include segmenting your database (by prospect, client, past client, or certain milestones), and creating personalized messaging for each of these segments. 

One final note on personalization: Make sure it’s useful and not creepy! The way the customer experience is personalized should not feel like an invasion of privacy. So if you’re planning to use data collection as a way to learn about your customers, be sure to keep that balance in mind. 

Content diversification

AI can help you create the content for your social media posts. But it can do more than that—it can help you diversify your content across multiple digital marketing channels to create a more robust online footprint. 

Note, however, that we don’t recommend using its output word for word. As a marketing agency, we can spot an AI post a mile away. While it’s a great tool for ideas and to get content structure, its words require editing and tweaking to make them sound like your own.

Elevated and Interactive Short-Form and Micro Video Content

If you’ve been following us for some time, you’ll know that we’re always talking about incorporating video into your content strategy. There’s just no way around it—short-form video is here to stay.

In 2024, marketers will be using video in more than just social media marketing campaigns. Digital marketing campaigns that include text, email, and pay-per-click strategies are relying on video content to increase engagement and lead conversion.

The good news is that there are a lot of ways to get started with video. You can use:

  • User-generated content, which is a great way to engage your customers and audience
  • Trending audio, which can get more eyes on your content
  • A filter, another way to bring new followers to your page

The idea around these techniques is that you don’t have to spend a ton of time or publish a super-polished end product. In fact, the more FUN you have with it, the more likely your audience will enjoy and engage with your video content.

If you need more information on this topic, we have just the article for you.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Not only do companies need to focus on web search, but they now also have to prioritize video SEO and voice search. The rise of voice assistants like Alexa and Siri has changed the way people search for information.

Marketers will need to prioritize optimizing their content (blog posts, website content layout, etc.) for voice search. This requires a focus on long-tail keywords and providing concise, conversational answers to user questions. Structured data and local SEO optimization plays a huge role in voice search optimization and will ensure that businesses appear in relevant voice search results.

There’s also video SEO (VSEO), which is the optimization of video content for YouTube’s search engine, as well as other search engines. If you’re active on YouTube, this is a strategy you’ll definitely want to tap into in the new year.

What about website SEO that traditionally was focused on internet search results? Today we’re transitioning the strategy and our content on websites to include best practices for voice search.

As you can see, the SEO landscape is always evolving and requires your close attention.

Influencer Marketing Continues

One digital marketing trend that will continue to dominate your social media feeds in 2024 is influencer marketing. Influencer marketing involves working with individuals with a large social media following to promote your brand or product on their pages. 

Within the influencer marketing ecosystem, there are several tiers:

  • Mega influencers (such as celebrities with more than a million followers)
  • Macro influencers (roughly 500,000 to a million followers)
  • Midtier influencers (roughly 50,000 to 500,000 followers)
  • Micro influencers (roughly 10,000 to 50,000 followers)
  • Nano influencers (roughly 1,000 to 10,000 followers)

The way to engage with an influencer will largely depend on the type of influencer they are. Mega influencers will probably have agents who manage their promotional opportunities. Smaller influencers, on the other hand, may reply to a direct message themselves. Some influencers may be willing to offer promotions for a trade, and others will charge a fee with specific deliverables.

You really don’t have to work with an A-list celebrity to leverage influencer marketing. There are influential people within your customer base who are already part of your community. Many small businesses are turning to their loyal customers to become brand ambassadors, and it’s making a huge impact.

The most important aspect of influencer marketing is to partner with someone who aligns with your brand and will properly represent your products or services.

Fine-Tuning the Customer Experience

Customer experience is something that many businesses are already paying attention to and will continue to be an area of focus in 2024. With constant advancements in technology, companies will always be looking at ways to improve their marketing efforts with the customer in mind.

The customer experience plays a large role in customer retention and referrals for your business, so it’s important to get it right. Like we said earlier, customers are increasingly looking for quality and quick service. That means being able to find the information they need so they can take the next step on the customer journey by themselves.

In 2024, businesses should focus on delivering automated, highly tailored content and experiences to their target audience. You can do this by using advanced customer segmentation that’s tailored to the buyer persona, predictive analytics, and AI-driven recommendations. Marketers can also provide personalized recommendations, offers, and messaging.

This strategy will help add additional value to the overall customer experience.

Data-Driven Decision-Making

When it comes to making decisions about your digital marketing strategy, where to invest your marketing budget, and how to convert more leads into paying clients, it’s important to look at the data. One of the greatest things about digital marketing is that it’s backed by numbers that can help you gauge its performance.

But you have to know how to digest the numbers and make decisions based on what they are telling you. This is where we see most businesses fall flat with their marketing. Once you know what the data is telling you, you can align your business goals and marketing strategies to improve your results.

A Deeper Focus on Millennials and Gen Zers

Millennials and Gen Zers are where it’s at in 2024, especially for service-based businesses. We can no longer afford to keep implementing outdated marketing strategies in an effort to support our businesses.

While millennials still research via Google Search and take in longer-form content, Gen Z is all about short-form, authentic content with messaging that relates to where they are in their lives. Getting on board with new platforms and new ways of delivering your messaging that is attractive to the Gen Z population is crucial for your future success.

Build an Effective Digital Marketing Plan

As you can see, digital marketing in 2024 encompasses many moving parts. A business will likely have multiple campaigns running simultaneously across various channels. And with each individual campaign comes creation tasks that someone has to complete, along with monitoring performance and adjusting strategies as needed. 

The most significant benefit of having a digital marketing plan is that it provides a structured process for meeting business goals. There are other benefits, too:

  • It identifies your target market and competitors.
  • It lays out specific strategies for reaching target audiences.
  • The plan determines which channels you will use to execute campaigns.
  • It helps team members stay on schedule and complete tasks on time.
  • It helps you evaluate the performance of each campaign.
  • Crucially, it ensures that spending stays within budget.
  • It shows successes and areas where you can improve.

Ready to Plan Your 2024 Digital Marketing Strategy?

Now that you’re in the know on what to add to your marketing in the new year, it’s time to create your plan. We’ve put together a simple process that will help you evaluate your current efforts and determine what you want to move forward with and add in 2024. Click here to read more

If you’re considering partnering with a digital marketing agency in the new year, we’d love to chat with you. Click here to book a complimentary consultation with our team today!

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