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3 Reasons To Be Promoting Your Business on Facebook

Last week we covered the fundamental question, “Why Facebook?” in our blog post.

Long story short, it’s the single largest social media platform in existence today, with a fully integrated advertising platform. To miss out on Facebook would be to leave a huge opportunity on the table and to give a huge opportunity to your competitors.

With all that being said, let’s dive into some more practical reasons you should get on Facebook ASAP with your business:

  1. You can reach a brand new audience.
    Facebook’s ads are very detailed & thorough – in fact, you can choose to target people only who have not visited your site in the past 6 months. This means no more ad dollars wasted on marketing to existing customers!
  2. You re-engage people on your list who aren’t opening emails.
    This is a big one – again, using Facebook’s detailed targeting filters, you can send out an email campaign and then launch a follow-up Facebook campaign that directly targets people on your list who have not opened your email. In this way, by hitting your list from all different angles, you guarantee a higher rate of exposure from your ads because you’re marketing to different portions of your list from different platforms.
  3. You can create a proper pre-launch buzz with content.
    Writing blog posts and promoting them through Facebook’s Ad platform is an amazing way to build higher conversion rate when you finally launch a new product, course, or service. The ROI on small, $10-$20 promotions for your content can be potentially huge!

Facebook is a prime advertising platform right now and hopefully these 5 reasons have helped convinced you to get moving on your business’s marketing strategy for social media!

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P.S. – I’m doing a LIVE Facebook presentation THIS COMING FRIDAY, April 14th, with Jessica Butts! She is just incredible – a best-selling author, certified Meyers-Briggs expert, and CEO of Front Seat Life. We’ll be presenting together live and engaging with your questions, so make sure to be there!
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