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5 Video Tools to Use When You’re Not an Editing Pro

5 Video Tools to Use When You’re Not an Editing Pro Image

Video is the single most important medium in content marketing today, but that doesn’t mean its always easy! If you’re intimidating by opening up professional video editing software like Adobe Premiere Pro, we’re here to offer some simple alternatives. You’ll be making effective social media videos before you know it!

Adobe Spark

Adobe know well that their professional photo and video editing software is a bit overkill for marketers that just want to make something short and sweet for social media. One of the many apps they offer is Spark, which allows for the easy uploading of video and photo, and lets you put text or audio over it. This is one of the most popular solutions for creating videos, but it does require a $49.99 per month subscription to the Adobe Creative Cloud suite, or $9.99 per month on it’s own.


Animoto is very similar in concept to Adobe Spark, but offers some additional value for a higher subscription fee. For $22 per month, you will have access to dozens of video templates, as well as a large library of images, videos, and music that are all pre-licensed for your use. This is a great choice for marketers that don’t want to spend the time and resources licensing media from other sources, as it is all already there for you!


Lumen5 is a fascinating artificial intelligence tool that can easily turn a blog post into an engaging social media video! All you have to do is link to a blog post, and Lumen5 will determine what the important points are, search for relevant images, videos, and music from its expansive libraries, and generate a fully customizable video that you can share with your followers! If you know exactly what you want already, this tool may not be the right fit, but if you’re willing to take suggestions, Lumen5 may just impress you. The tool starts at $49 per month, but $150 per month for complete access to their libraries and options.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Premiere Clip is Adobe’s free mobile app that lets you create super simple videos on the go. You can use video and images that you capture with your device, or import them from cloud storage apps. You can even send it over to Premiere Pro itself if the video calls for something more advanced. Don’t expect anything too feature-rich, since it is a free tool, but this will serve your needs to make more straightforward videos without while on the go.


Quik is an app made by GoPro, that can import media from your phone or GoPro camera and create an action-packed video! It can detect the exciting moments in your recordings, and put together a video that includes transitions. You can then choose your music and extra bits like text, emojis, or slow motion. This may not be perfect for every marketing video, but it may be great for certain niches!

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