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Analyzing Website Performance

Analyzing Website Performance Image

It’s year-end planning and a perfect time to review all areas of your marketing, including analyzing website performance. How do you gauge the performance of your website and more specifically, what does it mean to the average business owner?

One of our go-to tools for analyzing website performance, traffic, actions and sources of traffic is Google Analytics. It’s a numbers person’s dream and if you aren’t into numbers there are a few things that we would recommend you pay attention to:

  1. Month over month traffic: how many site visits is your website getting each month. Is this number consistent from month to month?
  2. Traffic to each page: what are the most viewed pages on your website and why?
  3. Action on pages —what actions are people taking when they get to your website
  4. Source of traffic—where are people finding your website (super important because this tells you what of your marketing efforts are working)
  5. Bounce rate—this tells you the quality of your website traffic 

Last week we shared tips to help you analyze your email marketing efforts. If you missed that post, click here to get all the details and if you’re ready to put together a killer digital marketing plan for 2020, click here to schedule a Complimentary Consultation for service today!

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