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Are you using LinkedIn Company Pages?

LinkedIn is a phenomenal resource for business owners – as it’s a fantastic way to connect with colleagues, engage prospects and share announcements. However, do you know if you’re using LinkedIn to its full potential? Don’t worry, you are not alone.
While you may have a personal page full of connections, you should also be leveraging those connections and your online presence for a company page. Check out the top 3 benefits of creating a LinkedIn company page.
1. Individuals on and off of LinkedIn will be able to follow the updates of your company as a whole, rather than its separate employees. Personal pages are automatically set to private; however, a company page is public to anyone – which helps more people find you in search engines and can be a powerful tool in raising brand awareness. Personal pages of employees are important to grow, but having a public company page will help individuals find company-specific information and announcements.
2. You will have access to analytics from status updates. Unlike a personal page where you can only see likes and comments, updates on a company page come with in-depth analytics. That way, you can tailor your updates specifically to reach a larger, more interested audience.
3. You can showcase your products and services on your company page. The best way for people to find out what you offer is to show them. One of the best benefits of a company page (rather than using your individual page) is the ability to list the products and services you provide – along with descriptions and videos to really capture the attention of interested followers.
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