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Content Batching

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As with every great vision, it simply remains as such – an internal vision – until you create a strategy to bring it to life. The business world is filled with new ideas, innovative discoveries and exciting trends – and the way these brands gain exposure is by having a plan that helps them turn their dreams into realities and to ultimately increase their visibility. Of course, there are some things can’t be planned, such as responding to a current event. Additionally, there are some things that shouldn’t be planned, such as hopping on a surprise Facebook Live to connect with your audience. However, you need to have a plan for when you don’t have a plan.

A couple weeks ago, we discussed the importance of evergreen content, and how re-using timeless graphics and tips can be highly beneficial in your overall strategy. On that same note, it’s crucial to have a consistent flow of new information – but you’re not always going to have time to dress up, craft a script and edit a nice video. Batching content is one of the most helpful ways to ensure you always have fresh information to share that supports your marketing initiatives.

New to batching? Here are some recommendations to get you started:

??Schedule a creative day (or half day) with your team. During this time, allow everyone the opportunity to BRAIN dump ideas for content. Appoint someone to take notes during this session. If you don’t have a team you may want to consider consulting with a marketing firm to help with your digital strategy. To learn more about the digital strategy services we offer, click here to schedule a 30 minute consultation today!

?Have a scheduled time on the calendar to complete your portion of the content (same for each team member). Think of how much content you could produce if you had one full day with no interruptions! If you are recording video we recommend doing two to three videos per session max.?Schedule time to review and proof your content before it goes out. If you are the voice of your brand but have your team facilitating parts of your content strategy, this is super important to ensuring brand alignment.

You could choose to do all of these activities in a week or one activity per week. There is no right or wrong answer here. Some people need space to visualize content after the initial brain dump so do whatever feels best for you.
**As mentioned above, this is not to say you shouldn’t have spur-of-the-moment content as well, but when you have a plan in advance, you’re able to produce professional marketing efforts across all of your platforms.

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