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Choosing a Social Media Platform to Market Your Business – Facebook

Choosing a Social Media Platform to Market Your Business – Facebook Image

Choosing the right SOCIAL MEDIA PLATFORMS for marketing your business is essential for a successful social media campaign. For the next few weeks, we will be covering each social media platform so that you can make the most effective online networking choice for your business!

We ❤️️ Facebook, but is Facebook the right choice for your business? Chances are, yes, but it’s important to understand the demographics of your ideal client and if they are active on this platform.

✔️ Largest social network, with over 2.27 billion active monthly users and 1.495 billion daily users
✔️ Reaches users in every age demographic, from millennials to Gen-Xers, to baby boomers
✔️ Great for B2B and B2C Marketing
✔️ Offers one of the most comprehensive and effective paid advertising platforms

[ Statistic Creds: www.statista.com ]

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