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Video Content Strategy

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Use video to propel your marketing strategy to the FAST LANE! ?

One of the roadblocks that most of us face with video marketing is coming up with content ideas. Here are some great ways to find topic ideas and get the creative juices flowing:

▶️Keywords can leverage your SEO in the video just like in website copy. Try using a keyword search tool (such as this FREE option to find words and phrases that are relevant to your topic, and then use your list to generate new ideas. ?

▶️Now that you have brainstormed your list of keywords, iron out your thesis statement and decide on what the talking points will be for your video. An outline might be old school, but it’s a great way to see the big picture and stay on point. ✅

▶️You have your video’s purpose and a few talking points –> it’s time to strategize and decide on your concept. Will your video be visually-oriented, metaphorical, informative with a creative edge? Take a cue from your website and company culture and align the content with your brand.

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