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Tell an Engaging Story with Video

Tell an Engaging Story with Video Image

Did you know that the world watches 1 BILLION HOURS of YouTube social media video each day? In fact, Cisco reports that, by 2021, 80% of ALL TRAFFIC will consist of video!

Because of this rising popularity of video marketing, businesses are scrambling to get their videos up and seen by their audience on social media. But before you pick up your phone and start recording – Read through our quick but insightful tips that will give you an edge over your competitors and make your videos STAND OUT!

✔️Don’t be overly salesy in your video – Tell a story that will engage your audience. Make sure your intro, especially, is an attention grabber, because one-fifth of viewers stop watching a video within 10 seconds.

This video by Warby Parker is a great example of content that tells an engaging story about their company’s brand and culture:

Content that Tells a Story

✔️Don’t forget to add an eye-catching title! Also, use relevant keywords in your title that will show up when people search for a topic.

✔️Tag it up! Be sure to add descriptions and plenty of tags to allow search engines to find your video easily.

✔️Include your URL and a call to action in your video to increase website traffic and exposure to your brand.

✔️Include music with your videos to add an element of emotion and ambiance. Music can make a video that might be considered dull or boring more atmospheric and interesting.

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