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Video Content Inspiration

Video Content Inspiration Image

There’s no doubt about it, V I D E O is here to stay. One of the best marketing tools today for reaching new customers and creating engagement around your brand is live and recorded video content.

For your inspiration, we’ve found some great examples of product videos that use innovation, creativity and some charisma to create unforgettable videos that really connect with their customers. And, bonus! These types of videos are easy to recreate for your own marketing strategy. ?


Man Crates packages “awesome gifts for men,” and they’ve created this funny video that gets straight to the point about what they do and piques your interest using only a man, a wooden crate, a crowbar and some humor. Who says videos have to be fancy and complicated to get attention?

Funny Sales Pitch


The designer featured in this video by Sierra Designs explains exactly why and how he created a tent that is the ideal equipment for any serious camper. It’s the equivalent of having all of your questions answered by a store employee, but from the comfort of your home for online shoppers. A heartfelt story directed to your audience about your service or product creates a connection that gives your brand a “face.”

Inspirational Story


TESTIMONIALS can be inspirational too. Just remember to keep it real and stay away from salesy and forced-sounding content. Use other customer’s stories to demonstrate your company’s authenticity and build trust.

In this testimonial example by FreshBooks, a customer tells about her experience in a natural sounding way that doesn’t sound like she’s reading from a script.

Authentic Testimonial

Video content doesn’t have to be fancy. Keep it fun, original and true to your brand, and watch your engagement soar!

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