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Engaging with Users on Pinterest

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All month long we’ve be sharing tips on how to maximize Pinterest for your business and today’s tip is all about HOW TO ENGAGE on Pinterest! Since Pinterest is a discovery platform, the rules of engagement are slightly different than that of other social media platforms.

Why Engage on Pinterest

Engagement is a two-way street, if you expect to increase your followers and engagement on your pins, you have to reciprocate.

How to Engage on Pinterest

You can engage with Pinterest users by following, repinning (saving a pin), and commenting. But how do you find the right content and users to engage with? There are two strategies you might consider for increasing your following 1) engaging with companies within your industry and 2) engaging with potential clients and customers.

How do you do that?

  1. Search within your industry and save pins from users with large following counts.

  2. Think like your ideal client/customer. Search/repin what they would search/repin.

After figuring out what to search, you can scroll and repin anything of interest, make comments on posts with opinions or compliments for the user, or follow accounts of potential clients or accounts that relate to your business or industry. With personal interaction, gaining followers and increasing engagement on Pinterest is inevitable. Start interacting and engaging today!

EXTRA TIP: Sharing your posts with friends/clients is another way to engage. If they like what you send to them, they might share it too! The buttons below are located in the upper-right when you open a pin.

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