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How to Make the Facebook Algorithm Work for You!

How to Make the Facebook Algorithm Work for You! Image

We’re talking about the good old Facebook Algorithm today! Specifically, the changes that have been made in regards to the business platform.

Facebook isn’t dead! But if your Facebook engagement hasn’t plummeted, you are RARE. A lot has changed in the past year, but you can still leverage this platform and get great results. In this video I am sharing some of my tried-and-true tips for increasing engagement!

R E A L trumps staged. Every time. Stock photos used to be all the rage. Now, we are craving reality! Your pictures don’t have to be beautifully staged on Facebook. Share what’s going on in real life!

Get curious about what triggers your audience to respond. Put out some different types of content and notice when you get more engagement. For me this means I share about my life outside of my business: parenting, gardening, MY DOG… you get the picture.

Connect with your audience’s emotions. Your words just as important as your pictures in this environment because the copy has to connect to your audience, instead of just connecting to pain points. There are pain points all over the Internet. Every ad we see is aimed at what we are struggling with. Switch it up! Connect to emotion instead: What are your audience’s trigger points? Are they parents? Are they animal lovers? Are they busy business owners? How can you relate to these aspects of their lives?

Have a conversation. Sometimes we are getting great engagement and we just sit on it! When someone takes the time to comment on your post, you better take the time to respond! Instead of saying “thank you”, invite a question, invite a further conversation to move people on to the next level to get better engagement. The more engagement you can get organically on your post, the further your posts will reach.

Watch the full video for all of the details on conquering the Facebook algorithm PLUS some bonus tips on utilizing videos yourself! Still have a question? Leave it in the comments!

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