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Get Comfortable with Live Videos

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#Fact I totally blew it last week ?. #Sharkweek is one of my favorites and I am a week late acknowledging it’s greatness and more importantly, I wanted to share with you how swimming with??? is a lot like getting comfortable with live videos. Hang with me here…you might not see the correlation but let me just explain myself.

? vs. ?

That little person in the photo below acting like they are swimming next to that big whale shark…well that’s me 4 years ago in Don Sol and let me tell you, I was SO EXCITED ? to do this dive and then when I got ready to jump in the water, I almost…well, let’s leave that part up to your imagination.

I knew what was below me and wasn’t trusting the situation as much as I thought I would. But…I jumped in and about 5 minutes into my panicked state, realized that these beauties wanted nothing to do with me and they had tiny teeth so the bite wouldn’t be severe should it happen.

This was one of the BEST DAYS OF MY LIFE and it spurred so many more epic adventures and stories, I cannot even begin to tell them all.

? ? ? 
Same thing with getting comfortable in front of the camera. Most people get in front of  ? and freeze. But let’s be real, it’s not as crazy as swimming with ?? and the uncomfortableness will pass as soon as you dip your toe in the water ?.

So today we’re sharing a couple tips for live videos to help you get that confidence up in front of the camera:

1) Start small…if you have not recorded a live video before, start with an Instagram or Facebook story. These are 15 and 20 seconds in length and meant to be lighthearted. Start getting comfortable talking to your audience here. Show your personality, have some fun and don’t take yourself too seriously. They are meant to be fun.

2) Once you get that down, sit down and write out a topic you want to discuss and video and write down three bullet points you want to highlight. This helps keep you on track should you lose your mind entirely (it happens) while on the video.

3) Find a spot to record with a nice background, check your lighting, check your sound, check your teeth. The worst thing in the history of video recording is to nail it and then realize lunch was stuck between your two front teeth (it happens).

4) Hit play, show us your pearly whites and go for it. Remember…you don’t want to start your video like a ? in headlights. Take a deep breathe and go for it.

5) MOST IMPORTANT. If you mess up, just pause, take a breathe and keep going. It is much easier to edit one video clip in different places than to edit 25 video clips and try and make them one cohesive video.

What do you think, would you rather swim with a whale share or record a live video for 1000s of people to watch? Comment below.

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