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Holiday Selling on Social Media

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How do you maximize Holiday Selling on Social Media? November 1st is the official kick-off to holiday selling on social media, and for those businesses looking to cash-in on consumer spending over the next 60 days on a minimal advertising budget, MUST watch this video!

If you are a small business, here are some key things you can do to capitalize on the holiday selling season:

  1. Use your Facebook and Instagram Story features to stay top of mind in the feed of your followers and potential shoppers!
  2. Hashtags, use them and mix it up. If you are using the same hashtags on every post, Instagram is actually penalizing you. Do some research to see what people are shopping, buying and other places to index your content so MORE PEOPLE CAN SEE IT.
  3. Tag your Products by using the Facebook Catalog. Did you know that when you add your product catalog to Facebook you can also tag products in Instagram and in the stories?
  4. Warm-up your email list, these are people that know, like and trust you and have potentially already bought from you!
  5. Start your holiday promotion now so you don’t have to compete with big box retailers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday! If you are going to offer the promtion anyway, does it really matter if you do it now or wait two weeks?

If you are a small business, you cannot afford to not have a strong social media and marketing plan this holiday season. If you need help with your holiday social media marketing strategy, Click here to learn more about our holiday strategy sessions and click here to catch up on our most recent blog posts!

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