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How to Conduct a Year-End Digital Marketing Review

How to Conduct a Year-End Digital Marketing Review Image

It’s the best time of the year, and no, I don’t mean the holidays. It’s time to conduct a year-end digital marketing review so you can celebrate the great things you’ve done this year, look at what you need to adjust, and set some new goals for 2021.

Getting Started with Your Year-End Review

To start, go back to the goals you set at the beginning of the year and remind yourself of what you were hoping to achieve. Too often, we just look at the numbers, but in reality, you should assess the goals you started out with and any additional bonuses that happened along the way.

What were your digital marketing goals for 2020? They were likely a combo of these:

  • Grow your audience
  • Engage more of your audience
  • Increase website opt-ins
  • Sell more product
  • Build your email list
  • Increase blog traffic
  • Generate leads for your business
  • Increase your email open rate

Re-Examine Your Target Audience and Messaging

It’s not uncommon to change your target audience as you grow in business, and with the dumpster fire that was 2020, this may have been the year you made a MAJOR PIVOT in your targeting.

Now is the time to assess your target audience and take look at the messaging you sent to them.

  • Did your messaging align with the audience and the actions you wanted them to take? Did it speak to your audience?
  • Is this an audience you want to move forward with in 2021?
  • Is your target audience/messaging in alignment with the work you want to be doing and the services you offer?
  • Did you steer too far off the course in 2020, and if so, how do you plan to get back on track?

Review Your Business’s Presence Online

You know the saying, “Put yourself in someone else’s shoes.” Well, that’s your task for this week.

Put yourself in your potential customer’s shoes and research your company online. From there, rate your online presence on a scale of 1–10. Chances are, you are going to find some areas that need some improvement. You may also be surprised and find things you never knew existed about your company online (good and bad).

Here are some of the areas of your online presence we recommend that you look at:

  • Google your business—see what comes up
  • Is your Google My Business profile correct or out of date?
  • Do you have online review platforms? If so, make sure to check in and – see what people are saying about your business.
  • Review your website from a potential customer’s perspective—where could you improve?
  • Review all of your social media sites, including ones you may have neglected—hint: ​Pinterest and Twitter

If you’re ready to tackle your year-end digital marketing review and need some help, RMS is here for you! We offer 90-minute virtual digital marketing audits where we go through the numbers with you so that you can fully understand your ROI. To book your 90-minute session, click here.

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