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How to Create Short-Form Video Content for Stories, Reels, YouTube Shorts & TikTok

How to Create Short-Form Video Content for Stories, Reels, YouTube Shorts & TikTok Image

A beginner’s guide to engaging your audience through Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, and TikTok

If you’re looking for a social media trend that has staying power, short-form video is the original content you should be investing your time in! Whether through Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, or TikTok, engaging your audience through video clips is an essential part of an effective social media strategy. 

If you’re wondering how to create short-form video content that’s engaging and won’t become a time-suck, you’ve come to the right place. 

Why Short-Form Video?

Why is short-form video on platforms like Instagram Reels, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts so important? The organic viewership alone on these platforms makes it worth the effort. 

These social media platforms are moving video content to the forefront, so creating compelling video content and sharing it can increase your viewership and help to grow your organic audience. 

To get you started, here are a few ideas on the type of content you can leverage in videos:

  • User-generated content: Audiences love to engage with authentic content created by other users. If you can get your clients to create a video snippet that you can use for a TikTok video, that is a GREAT place to start!
  • Take your audience behind the scenes for some exclusive content. We all love to feel like a VIP. Make a quick video while you’re working—of your creative process, organizational systems, etc. 
  • Educate your audience with tips from your industry. You’re the expert on your business! Share your knowledge with your target audience for some engaging content they’ll love to watch on Instagram Reels, TikTok, or YouTube Shorts.
  • Keep it short—we mean it! Your videos should be under a minute. If you’ve been on TikTok for a second, then you’ve seen the 7-second videos with text over them in order to make you replay/pause/stay on that video. Try to get your hook in the first few seconds.

Batch Your Content

Did you know you can batch TikToks, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts? A common misconception is that you have to take your video in the moment and post it right away. We’re here to tell you that is not the case!

Try this method to batch your video content: 

  • Dedicate some time in the evening to look at current trends and decide on what you want to film.
  • Time-block a couple of hours for filming. 
  • Set aside a chunk of time to edit and schedule your content.

Not sure how to keep up with all the trends? Here’s a pro tip: There are accounts that do this for you. In fact, there are whole accounts dedicated to “Trend Alerts”! 

A Little Editing Goes a Long Way

When you’re first learning how to create short-form video content, one aspect that you can’t overlook is editing your video. 

It’s not necessary to create a cinematic masterpiece, but Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube all have simple and effective creative tools to help you edit your videos into compelling content. 

Here are some great editing ideas for beginners:

  • Add music or a sound effect.
  • Add a filter.
  • Add captions or text overlays. 
  • Add a call to action.

Most platforms have many options for you to choose from, and sometimes it can be a little overwhelming when you’re just getting started. Start by learning basic editing on the platform, and you can advance your skills from there.

When you finish, save the video in your drafts! There’s no need to post it right away. As mentioned in our previous point, batching your content can help save you time and effort in the long run.

Cross-Promote Your Short-Form Videos

Let’s talk about cross-posting the same short-form video to different platforms. If you haven’t already heard, Instagram and TikTok don’t play nicely. They BOTH want your exclusive content. 

If you share a video you posted on TikTok to Instagram Reels, you’ll notice that the algorithm will prioritize other content and you won’t get as much reach. It’s because Instagram recognizes the TikTok watermark (and vice versa).

So how can you get around this without spending a ton of time editing videos on each platform? 

Thankfully, the answer is simple! After you’ve posted your video, if you click the three little dots, there will be an option to copy the URL. We use SnapTik, but there are many websites out there that will work. Open up SnapTik on your browser and insert the TikTok URL. It removes the watermark and now you’re ready to cross-platform post.

Staying Consistent

If time is money, you’ll save a pretty penny (and grow your organic reach!) when using these tips on how to create short-form video content.

Of course, there are times when you’re stretched too thin to focus on social media. However, a lapse in consistent posting can mean a loss in followers and engagement that can be hard to come back from—so don’t leave your content creation by the wayside.It may be time to schedule a complimentary consultation with us to see how Real Marketing Solutions can integrate seamlessly into your marketing efforts—videos and all! You can also browse our most recent blog articles by clicking here.

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