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How to Engage Your Followers on Social Media During the Holidays


As a business on social media, you may think that your platforms are the perfect place to constantly self-promote, right? Wrong! Contrary to what some believe, social media isn’t all about selling and if you learn anything from us, it’s just that. Social media is about making a connection. Our philosophy at Real Marketing Solutions is to educate, motivate and inspire — and as the holiday season approaches, it truly is a great time to build trust with your audience. Rather than simply selling, learn how to engage your followers on social media during the holidays with these three themed tips.
  • Halloween: This spook-tacular time period calls for a community-gathering contest! Consider hosting a “best costume” contest on your business page. This will increase engagement and show off your brand’s fun side.
  • Thanksgiving: While other companies are taking advantage of Black Friday’s shopping splurge, create a charitable example and express your gratitude by creating giveaways. Whether it’s a small sample or a large prize, your audience will remember your brand’s kindness.
  • Christmas: Although many think of the Christmas season aligned with receiving gifts, this is actually a beautiful time for your company to give back to those less fortunate. Find a cause that you believe in and reflects your brand, promote it on social media and invite your clients and Facebook followers to contribute.
While it’s great to promote some of your products and sales on social media, the holidays also present an invaluable opportunity to engage your audience, building trust and creating a community. How will your business give back this holiday season?

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