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How to Stand Out on Social Media

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The ONLY way to stand out on social media in a sea of other businesses is to CHANGE IT UP! If you are tired of mediocre results with your social media, it’s time to TRY SOMETHING NEW!

Below are 5 techniques that will increase your impact and influence on social media.

✔️Be BOLD. Don’t be afraid to share about your business! Think others aren’t interested? Then they aren’t your ideal customer anyway!
✔️Become a storyteller. How did you get started in your business? What is your WHY? What is the most difficult part of being a business owner? What keeps you inspired? We all have a story that lead us to go out on a limb and start our own business. Share your wins, absolutely! But it’s often the struggles we share that our audience really connects with and help us to stand out on social media.
✔️Use video. It can be scary, I know. Again: Be BOLD! Video helps your audience feel like they know the real you.
✔️Invest in a personal branding photo shoot. Many business don’t do this step and it shows. You want your business to look and feel professional.
✔️Use Facebook and Instagram stories. Be authentic! When used correctly, stories will build trust with your audience.

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