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Interactive Email Marketing

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We are back with this week’s digital marketing tip! As promised, we are talking all things digital marketing in 2020. Today’s focus is on interactive email marketing and some of the trends you will be seeing on email this year!

1) More plain text emails as marketers try and sneak past the spam/junk mail straight into your inbox! Last year, email service providers encouraged users to send plain text emails as opposed to emails from templates. Why? Well, email platforms like Google, tend to block emails that appear overly promotional. With the plain text email, although the email is designed to go out to multiple people, it appears as though it is coming straight from my outbox to your inbox. Likely you will see more of this strategy in 2020.

2) Additionally, you will likely see a completely opposite strategy with interactive email marketing. Google AMP provides resources and apps to help users build interactive emails. This will help you sell more products, book more consultations, and hopefully experience a higher open rate on your emails. Google interactive email is allowing more business to be done without ever leaving your inbox. As well, apps like Stripo provide multiple email templates compatible with several email service providers to help you create a more engaging email experience.

And that’s not all, for more tips on email marketing for business, click here to read our most recent article on the platform! If you need help with your social media strategy for 2020, we’d love to chat. Click here to schedule your complimentary 30-minute consultation!

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