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Mortgage Industry Lead Generation

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Mortgage Industry Lead Generation is all the rage, but what most agencies aren’t talking about is all the things to considering before diving headfirst into a $1000 a month commitment for leads.

  • Do you have a consistent brand awareness strategy that will support your lead generation efforts?
  • Do you have a sales funnel to nurture leads or 3-12 months?

The average lifecycle of a mortgage lead is anywhere from 3-12 months in length, so if you are operating on a one phone call and done strategy, you are likely 1) wasting your ad dollars and 2) missing an opportunity for business.

What does nurturing leads for 3-12 months look like? One of the ways you can do this is through your social media, consistently showing up and serving up content to people that want it from you! Email is another great way to nurture your leads, providing relevant content that they need to hear from you while they make their way through the home buying process.

If you are ready to uplevel your social media and lead generation strategy so that you can cost-effectively nurture strangers to visitors, visitors to leads, and leads to paying clients, we’d love to chat! Click here to schedule a Complimentary Consultation today to learn more about digital marketing services for the mortgage industry! To catch up on our most recent blog posts, click here.

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