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Reasons to Include Graphics in Your Social Media Posts (+ 4 Tips!)


Although it began very text-based, social media has become a visual world of pictures and videos. With every scroll down through Facebook’s feed, a variety of imagery appears. The second most popular platform, Instagram, is dedicated solely to visual content. Why is that? Simply stated, graphics work! Check out these top 3 reasons why.
  1. Graphics help to better reach your audience. According to research by WebDam, visual content can increase engagement by 650%. Why? It captures attention. If someone is scrolling through his or her feed, you want that small double-take. Rather than blending in with text, make your posts pop out at your targeted audience with a beautiful graphic.
  2. It makes your online presence look captivating. Humans are drawn toward visuals. If your company’s social media pages are filled with the same content day after day, people are going to go blind to it – nothing stands out. However, by accompanying your text with an image, it immediately boosts the visual appeal of your brand.
  3. A potential customer is more likely to buy a product or service that they can see. Here’s an example: Let’s say you are a real estate agent selling a home. Sure, you can write a post that the house is “spacious with an upgraded kitchen featuring stainless steel appliances” – but what does that truly mean to the reader? Take 100 people, and you will have 100 versions of that kitchen. Put up an image to attract more potential customers.
Want to start using graphics on your social media pages? Remember these 4 tips:
  • Avoid sticking with a typical Arial font – instead, explore different fonts and combinations.
  • Use colors that reflect your brand.
  • Switch up the graphics, but stay within your colors.If you’re stuck on what to put on your graphic, try finding a quote that your followers would enjoy reading and insert it onto an image.
  • Try websites like PicMonkey and Canva – which are perfect for beginners.
If you want to engage your followers, make sure you’re frequently using visual content including graphics, videos, animated posts and more.

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