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Recent Updates to Facebook Ads: What You Need to Know


Facebook continues to evolve and change everyday. As it becomes a hub for business owners and consumers, additional options are created to help bridge the gap between the two. While there are some obvious changes to the layout of business pages and the arrival of circular icons, the most important changes for business owners involve Facebook’s advertising and metrics sections. These new features will benefit companies and help widen your influence on potential clients and customers. Here are a few of the updates that will most have an impact on your business.
1. Facebook will now offer the ability to view a “drop off rate” in ads. This will help marketers and advertisers determine whether or not clicks on ads are unintentional. Additionally, the new feature will give users more insights to measure when analyzing if an ad is performing well and converting into sales or following a designated call to action.
2. Links that load faster will be given higher priority on Facebook’s newsfeed. Is your website up-to-date and running smoothly? If it isn’t already, make sure it is now! The faster your links load, the higher it will be placed on the newsfeeds of your followers and intended audience.
3. Ads will begin to appear in Messenger. Although we’ve known about the possibility of Messenger ads for a while, it’s now confirmed to be implemented globally. Now, your target audience can be reached in their messages with an ad in the form of a small photo mixed in with their chats – giving businesses another way to stay relevant.
Will you take advantage of these new features? The ability to see more advanced metrics, appear first in the newsfeed and place an ad in Messenger will allow business owners to continue to reach targeted audiences in new and exciting ways.

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