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SEO Hacks for Your Small Business

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We’re here today to give you some #businesshacks when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) for your business. A lot of people get nervous when you drop terms like that, but here at Real Marketing Solutions, we’ve learned the tips and tricks that will knock your socks off . . . and we’ve decided to share them with you. Don’t miss these important SEO hacks for your business.

Hack #1: Website Speed

Here’s something you may not have thought of—have you considered how your website’s speed might be affecting SEO optimization AND how long people spend on your site?

You might be surprised by how slow page speed affects both SEO and bounce rate. This might be minimizing the size of your images or how many plugins your site has, but make sure you install a caching plugin. Trust me.

A killer SEO strategy is the piece that ties all of your digital marketing efforts together and ensures that your content AND your website are working for you 24/7.

Hack #2: Backlinks

A backlink is just a link from one site to another, but backlinks are REALLY important when it comes to SEO. You may have heard about how important backlinks from others are, but did you know that your OWN backlinks are important, too?

A smart backlink strategy is key to good SEO, and part of that strategy is taking advantage of the content that’s already on your site when you’re creating a new blog post or webpage.

Plus, what’s not to love about making your content work for you again and again?

Hack #3: Reformat Your Content

You work SO HARD to create great content. Sometimes it can feel like you put it out there, it gets some engagement, and then it just gets buried in all of the rest of your content, never to see the light of day again.

That’s why you should be repurposing some of your written content in video format.  (The best part is that your blog post can basically become your new video script.) If your blog post is performing well, make it into a video and embed it at the top of your blog.

Are you ready to get strategic with your content and start producing content that works with the search engines?

Hack #4: Competition vs. Search Volume

Here are two common SEO mistakes we see people make when they try to find the right keyword.

Mistake 1: Picking a keyword with high search volume but also high competition.
Mistake 2: Picking a keyword with low search volume but also low competition.

So, what’s a marketer to do for optimal SEO? Here’s how to solve that dilemma with a little balancing act. It’s not as tricky as it sounds, I promise. Pick something that has low competition that you could actually rank for, but not too low that people never look up your keyword.

Use Free SEO Analytics Tools

You might have heard that there are lot of expensive SEO analytics tools you can use, and there are, and they’re great. But you don’t have to have these expensive tools to make an impact on SEO for your business.

Google Analytics: Use acquisition reports in Google Analytics to give you the rundown on the search queries and landing pages that are working for you right now.

SEMRush: SEMRush has a top-notch paid product (we use it here at RMS, in fact), but it also lets you monitor your own site and your competitors’ sites for free. You can see how many visitors you get per month and keyword rankings.

Use Free SEO Analytics Tools

Focus your time and energy on evergreen content—content that’s valid for your audience for a long time (or the opposite of time-sensitive).

With evergreen content, it’s easy to consistently attract new people to the page, which leads to growth for years to come and gives you a better return on your investment.

Need More Help Implementing SEO Hacks for Your Business?

I hope these quick SEO hacks for your business helped you. Send us an email if you have more questions or better yet…to learn more about SEO and the services provided by RMS, book a complimentary consultation with us!

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