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How to Run a Business Working from Home

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Yesterday I shared personal tips on how to SURVIVE and THRIVE working from home (5 years of experience trying to figure it out). Today, I am sharing HOW TO RUN A BUSINESS working from home. As an extrovert and a business owner, verba connection is so important to me. If I did everything through email, I would lose my mind and be at my computer even more than I already am. I also like communication to be efficient and find that email, most of the time, is not, especially in communicating with my team. 
Here are the apps I love and use the most in my business:

Zoom is how I hold all of my client meetings. Living and working in Seattle, meeting in-person was not an efficient use of time, one meeting would take an entire day with commuting. I moved to a virtual format right away and have never looked back. I also meet with my team in this format and conduct all of our interviews, onboarding and operations calls. I love that we can record all of the calls and use screen sharing to train employees, show clients results, troubleshoot a problem, etc. It’s a must for anyone working virtually. I have also tried Fuse Meeting and Google Hangout and much prefer Zoom.

Voxer is the way our entire team connects. It’s a walkie talkie/text app. It allows you to connect in single conversations and group conversations through voice and text messages.

Another business app we use daily to manage our clients’ work is Trello. This is our content management system that manages the requests coming in from clients, timelines to turn the workaround, our editing process, and stores past content for future use. We also use it to manage internal projects, RMS operations, and procedures and training for new hires. If you are running a team of multiple people virtually, this platform can definitely help you stay organized and keep all tasks on track.

One of my favorite apps to connect with friends, business associates and my mastermind group is MarcoPolo. I use it daily. It’s a video messaging app that allows you to communicate with one or a group of people via video clips. It’s magic. 

If you missed our tips on Surviving & Thriving: Tips for Working from Home, click here to read the full article.

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