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Top 2 Reasons You Should Be Advertising on Facebook

To follow up from last week’s recap of my live social media Q&A, today I’m covering the top 2 reasons why every business owner should be promoting their business on Facebook.
  1. You can move people through your funnel.
    In sales, what could be more important? By retargeting your customers and exposing them to paid promotions on Facebook, you can achieve several sales goals such as moving people past objections or familiarizing them with your product. The more you move people through familiarity with you & your services, the further down your funnel they will go!
  2. You can grow your list.
    Equally important as moving people through your funnel, is finding new people to add to the funnel to begin with! List-building is one of the core mechanics of Facebook. Not only can you set up lead-generation forms right within the platform, but you can also promote ads linking to blog posts or free guides/webinars, and similar promotions which help to grow your list.
Facebook is a prime advertising platform right now and any business not leveraging it to grow their following and to move their customers along their desired sales funnel is missing out!

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