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Up-Level Your Social Media in the New Year: Use Video

Up-Level Your Social Media in the New Year: Use Video Image

It’s officially 2018… A new year, a new beginning and a new opportunity to take control of your social media and attract an engaged audience. To get the most out of your marketing plan, it’s time to incorporate video on your channels – and especially on Facebook.

Did you know? According to a recent study by BuzzSumo, Facebook’s algorithm prefers videos. In fact, posts that are simply static images or links to news articles are declining in reach, as Facebook wants businesses to start sharing high quality content in the form of videos.
A comprehensive article from Social Media Today summarized this information with a particular point about the importance of Facebook Live:
“Facebook is favoring video content, including those produced on Facebook Live, increasing the odds of it appearing in news feeds. With the battle against Facebook algorithms on-going, shifting to a preferred format can help you get ahead.”
To gain more organic reach in the new year, add more short video clips (approximately 30 seconds is often perfect) to your content strategy. Additionally, make sure you set aside time each week to host a Facebook Live, even just a minute or two of talking can help push your page higher in the feed.
Don’t know where to start? Here are some tips for equipment you can use to start making professional quality videos:
A lighting set will ensure that your videos are brightly lit and produce a clearer picture. This is especially helpful if you’ll be showcasing a particular product, or speaking to the camera.
Selfie sticks aren’t just for selfies anymore! Use this extendable phone holder and tripod for holding your camera hand-free.
No one likes to watch a video with poor, grainy sound. Invest in a good microphone to take your videos to a professional level.
Staying informed on the latest trends can really help you up-level your social media in the new year. The newest and hottest trend is definitely VIDEO. So, start planning your social media strategy around video now. Provide higher quality content to reach a more engaged audience.

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