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Guide to Video Marketing Trends in 2022

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Video marketing is an essential component of building an effective marketing plan for your business. That’s why we’ve created a guide to video marketing trends you’ll want to be on the lookout for in 2022.

Why Video

Here are some key statistics you should know about video:

  • 92% of internet users watch some kind of video content online each week. (Source)
  • 72% of consumers say they would rather learn about a product or service by way of video. (Source)
  • The average person watches 3 hours and 18 minutes of short-form videos per day. (Source)
  • YouTube ads have the potential to reach 2.56 billion users, or 32% of the total population and 51% of the total internet users out there. (Source)

What that tells us is that video is here to stay. Social media platforms are pushing video to the forefront, and the sooner you get on board with incorporating video marketing into your overall digital marketing strategy, the better it is for your business!

In this guide to video marketing trends in 2022, we’ll walk you through the different types of video so you can choose the right one for your video marketing strategy. 

Micro-Video Content

Micro videos can run anywhere from a few seconds up to a minute. A best practice is to keep them to 15 seconds or less—in fact, 66% of video ads are less than 30 seconds!

Users’ attention spans are continuing to decrease, so your goal should be to differentiate your product or service in a couple of sentences.

56% of consumers say user-generated photos and videos (UGC) are the content they most want to see from brands, so finding a way to incorporate what customers are saying or sharing online about your brand is a great place to start.

Here are a few additional ideas to keep in mind when creating micro-video content as part of your video marketing strategy:

Deepen your connection.

Offer a behind-the-scenes look into your business, your team, and even your office humor for an opportunity to grow a deeper connection with your audience.

Share your expertise.

Provide value and answer questions that your followers want and need to hear about.

Create a call to action.

Even in micro-video content, it’s important to direct users to the next step. Try the clickable link in Stories to drive people to different calls to action, for example!

Short-Form Video Content 

Did you know? 40% of all video content consumed in 2022 is projected to be short-form video.

TikTok, Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram all support short-form video content, which Google classifies as being up to ten minutes in length. While there’s no universal standard, current trends indicate that when incorporating this type of video into your marketing strategy, it’s best to keep it under three minutes. 

Despite it being called “short-form,” you can cover a lot of ground in a three-minute video, so it’s important to have a solid content strategy that will engage your target audience. 

Consider these questions

  • What should my target audience know about my business, product, or service that I can’t explain in a micro-video?
  • What people, places, or unique characteristics about my business would my target audience be interested to learn about?
  • What are my customers saying about my product or service?

Every business will vary, but examples of how this may translate to content strategy include behind-the-scenes features, user-generated content, tips and information, storytelling, and occasional promotions. 

At the end of the day, you want to generate traffic and leads. Be clear on your goal and think about how your video can lead users to take a specific action. 

Search engine optimization (SEO) should always be a focus in your marketing efforts—including video marketing! So be sure to create video content around key search terms and optimize for search and voice on channels like YouTube. 

Long-Form Video Content 

The final type of video content is long-form video, which is content that typically lasts longer than ten minutes. While long-form video content can have a story arc with a beginning, middle, and end, it can also be somewhat off-the-cuff, such as livestreaming (more on this later).

Livestreaming is a great example of long-form video marketing, and all major social media platforms have a livestreaming option, including:

  • TikTok
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

When planning to use long-form video as part of your marketing strategy, consider it as a conversation or open forum to establish yourself as a local or industry expert. This type of video can also provide a great opportunity to connect and engage with your audience. 

It’s possible (and recommended!) to stream on multiple platforms by using tools like StreamYard and Restream for multistreaming. This allows you to maximize your content exposure across platforms. If you prefer to work in advance, you can upload and schedule a prerecorded video to publish as a livestream at a later time. 

That’s not all! We love to repurpose our content to maximize the return on our effort, and long-form videos can give you plenty of opportunities to do just that. Long-form videos can be repurposed into:

  • Podcasts
  • Video on demand
  • Short SEO-specific video clips on YouTube
  • Teaser videos on Facebook or Instagram
  • Blog posts
  • Emails

When considering topics to cover in your long-form video, having an SEO strategy is a must, especially if you want to gain exposure on channels like YouTube. 

Use the most commonly searched questions for your industry to help guide your content. If you plan to invest in short-form or long-form content, there is arguably no better platform to use than YouTube, so consider strategically building a YouTube channel for your long-term success.

Additional Things to Keep in Mind About Video Marketing

Choose your format.

Whether it’s micro-video or livestreaming, pick a type of video that you can commit to and outline a manageable strategy. As mentioned earlier, livestreaming can be somewhat off-the-cuff based on the format, but you should still have all the main components of a marketing campaign (e.g., your target audience, topics to cover, your goals, and a call to action) firmly solidified before moving forward. 

Establish goals for your video marketing.

What are the metrics you’re hoping to achieve? This is your starting point. Outline your ROI metrics first, and then build your content strategy around your goals.

Pick the right platform.

If you’re just getting started with video, pick the platform that you’re most familiar with, and work your strategy there. Don’t try to bite it all off at once.

Learn the platform.

There are so many video options on each platform. As you get more experienced with video, add in different types and make sure you have an understanding of best practices.

Encourage engagement and traffic.

Focus on quality; make sure your visuals are relevant and interesting first! You can then encourage users to engage by asking a question and/or being clear in what you want their next step to be. 

Drive lead generation through paid advertising.

Once you have your video marketing game dialed in, you may be ready to step it up a notch and explore paid advertising platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, TikTok, and so on. While it’s possible to grow your following organically, it’s increasingly important to consider advertising as a faster path toward growth. 

Remember, you have to be intentional and consistent if you want your business to profit from video marketing. Learn more about how to create video content here

Our Services

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We know the ins and outs of video marketing and can help you put together a strategy that encompasses your:

  • Personality
  • Video skill level
  • Platform(s) of choice
  • Lead generation tools and content resources

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