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YouTube Channel Set-up: Profile Descriptions

YouTube Channel Set-up: Profile Descriptions Image


Last week, Real Marketing Solutions discussed how to use YouTube banners to your advantage, but this week, the topic in discussion is profile descriptions! Now that you have expressed your brand visually on your channel, you’ll need to find the perfect way to verbally represent your channel.
Your channel’s bio, also known as the profile description, is not just a place to describe what your brand or company does, but it is where you will hook your audience’s attention. Your profile description needs to invite people to engage with your video(s). ??
Three of the top tips for having a good YouTube profile description are:
  1. Be Yourself: You, or your company, essentially are/is your channel. That being said, be friendly and exciting! Say “hello!”, introduce yourself/your brand, and talk more informally.
  2. Don’t Flood Your Profile with Boring Information: Your YouTube profile description is not the same as the “about us” section on your website. Don’t just copy and paste your company bio in your YouTube profile. Use your profile description as a way to ATTRACT the people you want watching your videos. TELL your audience what they can expect by watching your videos and who the channel is for.
  3. Set-up a schedule: If you have a company that has the ability to make videos on a frequent schedule, make a schedule and post about it in your channel’s description so your viewers can follow-up and check in when it’s time for you to have posted a new video! However, if you do this, you need to be consistent, or it may do more harm than good.
That’s all for this week’s tip… If you have any questions about how to apply these tips to your company’s YouTube, feel free to contact! Check back next week to for a video on YouTube and marketing from CEO Sarah Frink! ???

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